How things can change in just a day!

With the acceleration of the NOVID-19 Virus, we have made the decision to not open our doors to the public after today, Wednesday, March 18.   We knew it would be coming, but hoping it wouldn’t accelerate this quickly.  This is some serious stuff, and we are taking it seriously.

With the Market open in our complex this Thursday through Sunday, we feel that it is just too much of a risk with the possibility of risking infection to customers, our staff and our families.

To accommodate those of you that need Chalk Paint® and supplies, and Design products, we will be taking orders over the phone, and making them available via curbside delivery.  Our targeted days for that are currently Saturdays, from 11am-3pm of each week.  The shop will remain closed during the other days of the week.

We are also working on our website so that you can make orders online.  In the interim, you can call us at 602-750-7183 to coordinate purchase and pick up times/delivery.  If you are unable to come the days we will be open for curbside delivery, we will do everything we can to see if we can set up delivery to your home.  Most likely, the day of deliveries will be on Saturdays.

We are trying to strike a balance with having to deal with this virus, as well as attempt to keep our shop open for the long run.  Small business can be rough, and keeping our doors open long term is our desire.  Choosing to shop small and local is very much appreciated, as we depend on you all to survive.  We really do consider it an opportunity and blessing to serve each and every one of you.

As far as classes, they will all be post-poned.  If you have paid for a class, we are happy to offer a refund, or you can still secure your spot for when it is rescheduled, once it is safe to do so.

These can be scary times for small businesses, but we are trusting that everything will work out for good.  Health is way more important.  Our thoughts are with you all as well.  We hope that all stay safe and well during this time.

Hope to see you all on the other side of this, and help with any painting needs you may have.

Remember, painting can be great therapy!  It can be a great time for those of us that are quarantined to get some long overdue projects done.

All the very best,

Simona, Mom and Maranda